An announcement…and an epic joint contest!

2012 has been crazy good to me. FLAWED, a book that’s very close to my heart, has been released into the world—and people seem to really like it! While I’m gobsmacked by the reactions I’ve gotten, I’m most grateful for the readers I’ve met. That you guys believe the stuff I bleed onto the page matters means a lot to me. And because I’m me, all these fluffy feelings can only mean one thing: I’m giving stuff away!

But first, an announcement that’s pretty freaking awesome.

Awhile back, I called Jus Accardo with the lyrics to a song I’d just heard and the seed of what I hoped would become a story we’d write together. We took that little seed and developed it until we had something that combined my darkness and her creativity into a story that’s deceptively light (we are talking about me, here), thought-provoking, and extremely original. Exactly what you’d expect when an author who writes quirky paranormal romance teams up with someone who writes dark and twisty contemporary.

I never stopped thinking about the story. Neither did Jus. So last week we made a decision: We’re going to write the book, and it will be epic.

The catch? We want you guys to be part of it.

Jus and I are holding a contest/casting call with more than a dozen ways to enter. In addition to receiving ebook copies of all our books (Flawed, Touch, Untouched, and Toxic) and a full complement of swag from the two of us, the winner will get to create a character for the book. Name, appearance, character tics…everything. You can even be the character if you want. Our only caveat is that you not ask us to write a pink polka-dotted elephant (or the equivalent) into the story. Think contemporary YA and the kind of characters that come with the genre.

We can’t tell you guys anything about the story just yet, but we can share the song that started it all.

Intrigued? Enter the contest below for your chance to create a character in the book!

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4 thoughts on “An announcement…and an epic joint contest!

  1. That song is just AWESOME, no more words needed

    And wow, that book already sounds great, can’t wait to see what you girls come up with.

    Dez is one of my favs female characters because she’s so different from everyone else, she’s wild and outgoing and is nor afraid to take the world. She’s kinda not afraid, and we should leave that sentence alone. But that’s what I love the most about it, she’s not the shy girl who reads and nobody notices, she’s the party animal. (plus she’s got a really good taste in music!)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  2. My favorite character? Golly-lolly! This is hard to decide.

    But it has to be Alexandria (or Zee) of Wynne Channing’s vampire novel, What Kills Me. A vampire who has a sense of humor is just too cool!

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